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Hi Everyone, We have created and are using SSL-VPN on FortiGate with 2FA configured on FortiAuthenticator for remote employees for almost a year now. The users are Remote LDAP users and FortiToken is configured on FortiAuthenticator. Recently we star...
Hi Everyone, Currently we have created 2 profiles on FortiClient EMS1) OnNet Profile: when connected to VPN allow the users to access the internet.2) OffNet Profile: When not connected to EMS the users are not allowed to connect anywhere. But, In Off...
Hello Everyone, From past couple of days we are facing this issue with FortiAuthenticator (RADIUS Server) Connection Status issue.The connection status keeps on loading. [ul]The server secret is correct.Can ping FortiAuthenticator from FortiGate.Sing...
Hello everyone, Is there any configuration on FortiGate or on FortiClient EMS that allows SSL-VPN remote users connected via FortiClient to work with the files stored on the server but not copy or download it on their laptops? Thank You,
Hello Everyone, How do you configure FortiClient EMS to enforce endpoints to allow/access internet only when they are connected to the SSL-VPN ? The users should not be able to use internet if they are disconnected from the VPN (as a company policy)....