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Hi, I have short question. Fortigate 200F has two sfp+ ports assigned to fortilink. Do you know if another two ports can be assigned as fortilink ports and used as another aggregate or there is limit just to this two?
Hi, IPSec XAUTH tunnel with external authentication over radius on Fortigate FortiVM in 6.4.5.Devices are trying to establish IPSec connection.DPD is configured.Till now it is ok but sometimes if device lost connection or just after reboot previous t...
Hi,I'd like to forward whole NTP traffic to my NTP server.I'd like to use VIP where source IP is in range from and do portmapping 123-123 (use service NTP). set type load-balance set service "NTP" set extip
Hello, I would like to use my 300D as some kind of ipsec concentrator.It will be used for a lot of dialup connections. Every connection is authorised by configured radius server. Till now everything is ok and configurated (phase 2 is established). Ne...