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Hi everybody, I've issue with custom device groups.I create new group with custom devices. I want rename group but impossible.I want delete it and recreate but IMPOSSIBLE :( The group cannot be empty but it must empty for delete it.... Please how del...
Hi everybody, I have issue with VPN SSL logs.VPN logs are empty :( I have check settings in Log&Report > Log Config > Log Settings checkbox VPN activity event are check and Event Logging, Enable All are checked too. Why connections are not write in l...
Hi everybody, I have FortiGate 60C and two ISP (for backup link). Actually the two ISP are configured with ECMP load balancing. Is it better to use ECMP or WAN for load balancing my two ISP ? Thanks :)
Hello, My Fortigate is placed between my administrative network and my factory network. It makes an IP address translation. I can not run WMI through the FortiGate. Could you help me with the configuration? Thanks.