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Hello.Is there a way to FortiGate logs to a second or third syslog server, syslogd2 or syslogd3? I don't see how to do that in the 5.4 web console or CLI. It seems that 5.2 had that feature.
How can I determine if a site will play nice with FortiGate SSL full inspection? SSL inspection works well for us most of the time, but we will occasionally happen upon sites which do not seem to respond during SSL protocol negotiations. I'm wonderin...
I cannot find the reference right now, but I thought I had read somewhere that FGT 5.0 SSL web inspection/proxy cannot negotiate for TLS v1.2. It only negotiates with destination HTTPS servers for SSL v3, TLS v1.0 and TLS v1.1 sessions. Which means s...
(I've made significant corrections to the original post.)Many of my Fortigate 5.0.9 traffic logs seem to be missing values in the ebtime and catdesc fields. Specifically,[ul]HTTPS / port 443 traffic logs never have ebtime values. HTTP / port 80 traff...
Using FortiGate 60D on 5.0.9. FSSO collector agent has been and is working pretty much as expected. E.g., I can see FSSO login events associating users to their IPs. But some IP's are losing their userID associations in the traffic logs including web...
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