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HiFortiMail working in gateway mode usually a user preference is added automatically for each domain user but recently I noticed that not all users have user preference added to FortiMail. I found below note in FML guide but it doesn't mention what e...
HiI need to detect outgoing emails that contain credit card numbers I tried to use built in "credit card template" but it never detects the credit card numbers. I used regex to do the task and it worked but it came with false positives that attached ...
Hi,,Is there a way in FortiMail to block incoming messages written in certain languages like Russian ?Thanks
Hello, I've a remote SSL Vpn connection in my environment, after I logged in by vpn 1. can I manage FortiGate via it's MGMT port "OOB" ? , and what if it is configured as "set dedicate-to management" 2. What type configuration needed routes, policies...
Hi there,Can one collector agent pass logon information to multiple Fortigates at the same time ?Thanks,Mahmoud