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Hello good afternoon Today I installed a Fortianalyzer Before, my Fortigate would send syslog logs. Question, Can I import or read this log that is in syslog with fortianalyzer?
I have two fortivoice with SIP trunk between them. When I try to transfer an external connection from FortiVoice A to Fortivoice B using an ATA on the destination the phone does not ring, however if the call is activated it works normally. When I try...
Hello The FortiMail is configured to send emails that are in quaretena 8:00AM and 02:00PM. As I get more than three email daily. Its this email come in one email? the configured schedule.
Hello I have a problem with FortiAP. Some sites is occurring expired error who is connected by wifi. If I put these same user on the wired, this problem does not occur. Any suggestions?