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I cannot see to find the Hardware ID in our FortiAuthenticator with firmware version v6.3.2, build0687. Does any one know? The videos show finding it in older firmware releases, but not in this release and it does not seem to be the same.
I am trying to deploy an ADVPN environment via BGP. In my lab everything works as you would expect it to, but as I start deploying it in the live environment, it just seems to die. I contact Fortinet support, spend a few hours with them and they seem...
Multiple Phase1's show on Dialup VPN IPSec Monitor on Remote Fortigate . BGP Environment. The tunnel that shows advpn is the remote Dialup tunnel. But why does it show _0 _1 _2 ect....?
We have ran into this situation many times. We have sites where their Fortigate 60D's (firmware 5.6.3) just stop passing traffic through VPN Tunnels. At first we would rebuild the tunnels on both sides (No, I have inherited established direct site to...
So in the news the FBI and DHS are warning everyone that "Massive Russian Malware Attack Hit 500k Routers Globally" I guess what I ...