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HiI am currently trying to move some users in a the right group on the FAC, however it fails if i am attempting to move more than 30-40 at time. is there currently a bug or is just a limitation? i am running v4.00-build0019-20151007-patch00. thanks
hiis it possible to have different login pages for different groups of users?i assume not but double checking :) thanksBogdan
HIDoes the FAC have the capability to email a local log report generated on the fortigate? ThanksB
HI can i limit the number of logins from a single user connecting through an IPSEC client?all users are local to the box. policy-auth-concurrent 1 under global settings doesn't seem to work. any help would be appreciated. B
HiCan you also setup the number of concurrent logins on the FAC if the FGT settings are left to default? ThanksB