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Hello, My 310B v5.2.2 is in switch mode is there a way to mirror a port in switch mode? I don't know what issues going to interface mode would cause so I would rather not do that. ThanksMJF
Hi I have been tasked with connecting an external library web app to our AD (LDAP) for authenticating students. Can I just create a policy allowing only LDAP to a domain controller? or should I setup FSSO? is one more secure than the other? Thank You...
With the recent Ransomware should I specifically block port 445 on my IPSec policy or being a tunnel is it okay to leave as is? Thanks MJF
Our 410B Firewall is reporting over 10k sessions with the same source (.email) I have IPS running and a Dos policy as well. I have tried to block the site to no avail. I have deleted the sessions but they come right back I don't see an viruses on the...
Hi, I am retiring the Server 2008 DC where FSSO (Fortinet Single Sign On) lives is there a process I should follow to move FSSO or do I just do a clean install on the new 2012 server? Thank You Marc