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Description This article documents the firewall configuration used to derive threat protection value on the data sheet for relevant FortiGates. Scope Broadly describe the features that are enabled or configured. Solution 1) Logging Is enabled. 2) Fir...
Description This describes that FortiAP and FortiWiFi have their in-build regulatory domain pre-configured according to various countries' requirements and are differentiated by Regional Code suffixes on the SKUs. Hardware components are the same thr...
Description This article describes the SFP transceiver support on FortiGate-100F and 200F SFP+ slots.Scope For FortiGate-100F and 200F series.Solution Customers can use SFP transceivers on FortiGate-100F and 200F series’ SFP+ slots with the following...
DescriptionThe FSA-2000E’s dual power supplies share the workload and are installed at the same time. It means both PSUs provide 50% power output during the normal status. hence, there is no PSU1 or PSU2.
DescriptionThis article describes a caveat about the use of the SFP28 ports of FortiGate 3400E and FortiGate 3600E.SolutionSince there are 4 ports in one core of Broadcom chip, if one of these ports is set to 25GE, all the four ports within the group...
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