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DescriptionThis article describes the SFP transceiver support on FortiGate-100F and 200F SFP+ slots.ScopeFor FortiGate-100F and 200F series.SolutionCustomers can use SFP transceivers on FortiGate-100F and 200F series’ SFP+ slots with the following ca...
DescriptionThe FSA-2000E’s dual power supplies share the workload and are installed at the same time. It means both PSUs provide 50% power output during the normal status. hence, there is no PSU1 or PSU2.
DescriptionThis article describes a caveat about the use of the SFP28 ports of FortiGate 3400E and FortiGate 3600E.SolutionSince there are 4 ports in one core of Broadcom chip, if one of these ports is set to 25GE, all the four ports within the group...