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Hi everyone.Does Fortigate FW support Pim sparse-dense mode? I do not find any doc that say it does. Thanks.
Hi everyone,I noticed Multicast policy to control Multicast stream does not allow granular control for applications. For example, we want only UDP 1781 multicast stream should be allowed through FW. I do not see any command within Multicast Security ...
Hi everybody.I am confused about fortiview on fortigate firewall. Does it only show allowed traffic? Can it show denied traffic that hits the firewall? Thanks and have a nice weekend!!
Hi all,Please consider the following example: FW----------Domain Controller ( AD) Above FW is Fortinet firewall. Active directory contains 100 plus user names /passwords.All 100 users should be able to login FW using active directory credentials.We n...
Hi everyone.I am new to Fortigate firewall, coming from Juniper SRX back ground.This is what I am trying to accomplish: End hosts--SW--trunk----Port2-Fortigate FW Port 2 should be layer 2 trunk port, accept tagged traffic for vlan 20Vlan 20 should be...