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Hello! We have a setup where we have 2 WAN links and 2 IPSec links (each tunnel on each wan link) connecting our small offices do DC. On offices, we already have SD-WAN for WAN links and for the traffic through the tunnels we are still using main and...
I'm using the monitor/firewall/policy api to find the non-used policies for a while. The thing is that I couldn't figure what is the format of the information listed on the result. For example, when was the last_used time for the following policy?The...
Hi! I would like to know from you guys if there is a best-practice rule in terms of the IPS action? I am wondering if it is better to only block (and have all those signatures processed daily by the IPS engine) or quarantine the source IP for, i don'...
Hi All! I'm testing security fabric and I'm having some trouble to get it working. I have set up my core and a branch FGs to work with security fabric, through an IPSec tunnel. The interfaces are configured as many documentations on the web and I see...