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How can I see or query more entries in user ban list? Thanks in advance
Is there a way to decrypt https traffic for content inspection? For instance, I have an owa site which I publish to wan as pass thru ssl. I would like to be able to inspect what exchange server returns. Thanks in advance
I suppose it is useless to filter by pattern https traffic from server as fortigate sees garbage in packets. Is there something like ssl bump where fortigate decrypts traffic, inspects it, and encrypts it before sending response? Thanks in advance
I have published web server to wan. I am blocking http traffic based on url using web filter. However, this still generates traffic. Is there a way to block a source ip after a number of times a blocked url is requested? Thanks in advance
I am running squid reverse proxy behind my firewall. It appears someone sends me these bump requests. What can I do to block them? Is there an ips that looks at http headers and blocks the requester?|...`9.....P..].-..#P......