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Hi, I'm looking at the "timeout" log, but I don't understand what the value displayed in 'Duration' means, like the attached file. The attached file shows that duration value is '10s'. That means the action did 'timeout' because there was no response...
Hi, there. I know that the TCP sessions are accelerated after the 3-way handshaking is over. Then, what conditions do UDP and ICMP sessions accelerated NP6? Thanks.
Hi, After installing virtualbox&download the Forti VM and run it, I got the following message. lock_crash(): Can't get semaphore fcorn_set_mgmt_vdom()-122 : Invalid mgmt-root vfid=-1 Can anyone tell me about this message? Thanks.
Hi, there. I'm preparing to set the "option 150" settings as follows.. Are both the correct commands? TFTP Server 1 - Server 2 - ex)1 config system dhcp server edit 1 set option1 150 '0A0A0A0A010A0A0A0A02' next end ex2) con...