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Hello, Due to lack of MCLAG feature on FS148F I wonder which is the best topology for a cluster of 2 x Fortigate 100F + 2 x Fortiswitch 100 Series. We would like to connect some servers to the fortiswitches too. Anyone can help? Best regards.
Hello, We are implementing a PoC that integrates Wyse Thinclients + Netscaler / Citrix + Fortiauthenticator. We would need that Wyse thin clients ask the users for "user","password", and "token". Wyse thin clients are able to use two factor authentic...
Hello, I have a Fortigate 200E with 3 WAN Links grouped in SD WAN virtual interface. Firewall is running FortiOS 5.6.3. The firewall is used for wifi internet access. Today the firewall has dropped SD WAN links with this message : The member(6) enter...
Hi, I am using WAN Link Load Balancing in order to load balance user's internet traffic through two low cost and high bandwidth FTTH connections. It's working fine. I have a high cost and less bandwith circuit ( but extremely reliable ) that I am usi...
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