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Hello, I could do with some more help I have a 60D, LAN side consists of 3 ports configured as a hardware switch. I am having a speed duplex issue on one port, I need to force one of the port to full/10. (for some old device on the LAN) The other por...
Hello, The file system check warning that comes up after logging into a fortigate that was not shut down correctly. Is there some way to disable this warning so it does not appear every time? Thanks,ponder
Hello, If I make a dial up vpn and use the forticlient on the clients. Am I correct in assuming the only fee based part is the AV built into the client? I can use the client without a subscription if it is just used to bring up a tunnel? Thanks, pond...
Hello, Where can I find the downloads for the FortiGate VM? I can find the page with all the different firmware versions, but I seem to be struggling to find the VM. Any help? Thanks,ponder
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