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hello Guys, i'm in process of setting up 2 fortigate on ha mode active/standby. in our design we have to make VDOM out of band ( root) as a gateway for management trafic. question : can i have managed and unmanged VDOMs (with cisco aci ) in the same ...
hi Guys, when i integrated the fortigate with fortisandbox, i can not see all vdoms on fortisandbox.(just the root vdom appear). FYI: the mgmt1 of the fortigate linked to porrt admin of the fortisandbox. any idea please!!! regards, wajih
Hi Guys, My customer want to block the port scanning with his fortiweb (to protect his website), fortiweb can do that ? any idea please ? Best Regards, Wajih
Hello, i'am setting up a fortiweb v 5.7 infront of my web server which works with 2 ports 80 and 9443 (https). the url 'x.y.z/store' use the port 80 and there is no problem. the url 'x.y.z' use the port 9443 https ( redirection port from 80 to 9443 i...