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Dear Experts I m looking a comparison between fortigate and Cisco FTD, i want to know good and bad of these products. thanks
Dear experts In my fortinet account on product details i am getting on top of the screen Security Ratings update will expire on date (X-XX-XXXX),can i know what is exact this error is stating here.
Dear experts i have a fortigate firewall and also a Cisco Firewall (FTD) and i m planning for fortinet Sandboxing solution will Cisco FTD firewall will work with Fortinet Sandboxing, please confirm. thanks
Dears Please find the attached topology. I have some problem in understanding the fail over, whenever the port channel interface of DC-1 fails it shifts over to DC-2 FW but the perimeter firewalls doesn't shift and the traffic gets drops, what should...
Dears,I was creating a services in object tab and I saw option of specifying multiple port number by choosing TCP or UDP in one service object, then y we need the service group object when we get an option to specify tcp and udp multiple port number ...