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Hi,From my Fortigate 90d i can't ping any ip adress on my LAN. Why?I want to use my local LAN DNS instead of FortiGuard Servers but can't ping them. LAN is connected to internal1.My LAN : 192.168. 56.0/24Internal1 :
Hi, i want to block acces to all webmail like gmail, yahoo, How can i do it ? I have Fortifate 90D. Thanks
Hi, i have lumia 930 with Windows Phone 8.1 and i try to connect to my Fortigate 90D v5.2 with l2tp over ipsec but ... I create, on my FG, an IOS tunnel (Dialup - iOS (Native)) for Iphone and it's ok. I also create Windows tunnel (Custom - Dialup Use...
I have Fortigate 90D V5.2.Two users failed to send and receive mail. One POP3 and one SMTP. Why ? and is it possible to retrieve attachment ? I dont know where is attachment ? POP3 :Message meets Alert condition File Block Detected:...
I have FortiGate-90D v5.2.0,build0589,140613.At the beginning all was ok but now I am unable to see the contents of the logs. Only for "Forward Traffic" and "Local Traffic". Hourglass turns without end.See attachment