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Hi there,I'm in the process of looking at our subscription renewals for Fortigate and noticed that there's now a level above UTM called Enterprise. In the past I've bought UTM but the Enterprise subscription includes these additional options:[ul]Botn...
Hi there, I' m running FortiOS 5.2 on a FG60D. For the most part it' s been working well since upgrading to 5.2 from 5.0.7. I have, though, been getting odd error messages from the AV engine. The culprit appears to be application updates for Android ...
Hi there, I' ve upgraded one of my test Fortigates (a 300C) to 5.2 and so far it' s looking good. The new Fortiview section looks interesting, but apart from the " Now" timeframe I can' t see any historical data there. Is this right? This 300C is con...