FortiGate Next Generation Firewall utilizes purpose-built security processors and threat intelligence security services from FortiGuard labs to deliver top-rated protection and high performance, including encrypted traffic.
Article Id 196615


You can specify a keyboard layout setting as a parameter for RDP connections through an SSL VPN portal.

FortiOS 4.0MR2 and above

The format to enter the keyboard layout in “RDP to Host” is:   <IP address or FQDN of the server> -m <language>

Example for Spanish : -m es

The available codes are :

• ar: Arabic
• da: Danish
• de: German
• en-bg: English, Great Britain
• en-us: English, US
• es: Spanish
• fi: Finnish
• fr: French
• fr-be: French, Belgian
• hr: Croatian
• it: Italian
• ja: Japanese
• lt: Lithuanian
• lv: Latvian
• mk: Macedonian
• no: Norwegian
• pl: Polish
• pt: Portuguese
• pt-br: Brazilian Portuguese
• ru: Russian
• sl: Slovenian
• sv: Sudanese
• tk: Turkmen
• tr: Turkish