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Hi team Customer deployed AD FS behind FortiWeb (reverse proxy mode). One of the requirement is to add X-MS-Proxy in the HTTP header, the value is proxy hostname (FortiWeb Hostname) I checked the Fortiweb document and looks like we only add X-Real-IP...
A question has been raised by one of our clients about how the Personal Quarantine feature can be used with email that comes to distribution lists - email addresses that go to a list of people rather than to a specific account. If personal quarantine...
How to disable AUTH PLAIN on FortiMail 5.2.4 build 447 If telnet to FE and issue ehlo dmz.lab, see 250-AUTH LOGIN PLAIN 220 FEVM040000048646.localdomain ESMTP Smtpd; Tue, 17 Nov 2015 21:57:00 -0800ehlo dmz.lab250-FEVM040000048646.localdomain Hello [1...
Hi Do we have IPS signature for Linux.Encoder.1 Thanks, Viet
Can we verify how much memory is used for logging when memory log enabled and can we configure it?
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