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Hi there.Anybody can help understanding how to use the global database for webfilter profiles?I want to have some sort of "repository" in the global database, where I store my different webfilter profiles. Then I'd like to be able to pick/use them in...
Hi all.As per subject - how do I need to proceed, to be able to use the two 40G ports (53 & 54) on a FSW1048E?In the GUI I see only up to port 52 and I would like to use 53-54 for ISL between two identical FSW1048E (running 6.0.3).Thanks,Flavio.
Hi there.Got a client on a PC which gets stuck at 45% with "Unable to establish the VPN connection. The VPN server may be unreachable. (-8)". Any clues on how to solve this?I already uninstalled - rebooted - reinstalled... no success. Thanks and rega...
Hello everybody. Is it possible to use one guest account (the ones created under " guest user management" and applied to an identity-based policy) on more than 1 device? Kind regards, F.
Hello everybody. Is there any way to disable the status LEDs on FAP221B Access Points? Thanks and regards, Flavio.
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