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The Fortigate 100D has 2 usb ports in front. Do you know if the 100D can support (2) USB modems at the same time via load balance or fail-over? I have a site that does not have any copper internet, but i was thinking of adding a USB Verizon and a USB...
Hi all, I am trying to understand the Spillover LLB. I have 2 circuits, WAN1 100 down 10 UP. WAN2 50 down 25 up. The WAN 2 is a cellular option and is charged by GB. I only want to mainly use it for the upload when the 10M from WAN1 is maxed out. I h...
I have a sonic wall as the router. (Not mine), it is giving me a natted 192.168.101.x ip address on my wan interface. On my Fortigate 100D i want to have a dhcp range of for my lan interface. I do not want to double nat, is there a way ...