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We just upgraded our FortiMail to 6.4.5 from 6.0.8. (6.0.8 -> 6.2.4 -> 6.4.5). When i try to login from my laptop onto the FortiMail Admin gui, it logs in but immediatly returns us to the login page. If we use our stepping stone server, it has no iss...
We have recently setup a site-to-site VPN tunnel with Azure from our 1200D's (HA).Traffic (ping) is working to the Azure VPN and back. No problems there. The problem is that when there is no traffic, VPN is brought down by request of Azure as it seem...
We are seeying this in the FortiMail Anti-SPam log:DNSBL/SURBL Server::check error=2: 'Host name lookup failure'DNSBL/SURBL Server::check error=2: 'Host name lookup failure' Anyone got ...
Hey guys, We are getting more and more reports of google playstore not working.The problem is, that i myself do not have this proble, but my collegaue does have the problem, on the same network.When we turn of SSL inspection, it does work.
Hey guys, I've been looking into this error we keep getting on our VPN tunnel to Amazon cloud, but im not getting any further. Message meets Alert condition date=2015-11-27 time=12:39:27 devname=FW10018 devid=FGT90DSERIAL logid=0101037130 type=event ...