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We have an FG600C, part number P08908-02, BIOS revision 04000023, currently running 5.0.12. We RMA'd our last FG600C because of an issue with whatever older BIOS it had that caused the unit to lock up during operation, and not boot after a graceful r...
Hello everyone, Today I noticed a couple strange things with the GUI of our 600C running 5.0.12. Take a gander. First of all, all of the interfaces are showing links, which isn't true. The only one that's not green is disabled administratively. Also,...
Hi folks,We're using the WAN1 interface on our FortiGate only, with IP 72.x.x.1. The internal subnets 10.x.x.x all go through this interface and IP. However, I've set up a new subnet on interface Dorm1, 192.168.1.x, and I want it to utilize a differe...