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Hello Team, We are using FGT50E model with firmware version: v5.4.4 Currently we have a single WAN with 100Mbps speed details: IP: xx.xx.xx.xx subnet: aa:aa:aa:aa gateway:bb:bb:bb:bb DNS: cc:cc:cc:cc/dd:dd:dd:dd Static Route has been configured for W...
We have got a FortiGate 50E with firmware v5.4.4 on NAT mode/Proxy based. I would like to restrict my network users to block the upload of data on a specific website. AnyOne here can help me implement this? Specifically, block upload to, a...
Hello All, I have a Fortigate 50E model with one WAN port active and using a single LAN. Current IP of the WAN is and I have been provided with a public IP pool of I want to map these public IP with my local LAN ...