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DescriptionThis document describes what TCP port 1000 is used for and how to disable it.Some network scanners gives the information that TCP port 1000 is open.The FortiGate will listen on TCP 1000 for all configured interfaces, if authentication keep...
DescriptionThis document describes how to override default route settings: administrative distance and priority, for default route received from DHCP.A DHCP server can send a gateway address with Option 3 (Router) on a DHCP Offer message:If the Forti...
DescriptionThis article demonstrates the deployment of OCVPN (Overlay Controller Virtual Private Network).OCVPN is meant to be really fast and easy to configure because it will automatically create:- Local and remote address groups- Routes- Policies-...
DescriptionThis document describes how to check if traffic shaping is used on active sessions and also demonstrate which traffic shaper is taking precedence between policy based shaper or traffic shaping policy.SolutionIn this example, traffic shapin...
DescriptionThis article describes how to configure FortiGate as NTP server.SolutionFortiGate can be used as authoritative NTP source for other clients. In our setup, 'port1' is the interface connected to internet and 'port2' the LAN interface (where ...