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Hello,I'm trying to create a MAC address-based policy using the VPN tunnel interface as the incoming interface, but it's not working and it authorizes all MAC addresses of the VPN users. Do I need a license for this?Regards,
Hello, I have the architecture outlined bellow, and communication needs to be established between the machines on the network via FW 1 (Palo alto) and FW2 (fortigate). Any suggestions or insights on how to achieve this would be highly val...
Hello, My Fortigate VM isn't syncing with FortiToken Cloud. When I try to synchronize using "exec fortitoken-cloud sync local," it fails : "FGVMEV167DQDX5F5 # exec fortitoken-cloud sync localCannot retrieve user information from FortiToken Cloud!Comm...
Hello, I will configure an HA setup with VDOM partitioning enabled. I would like to clarify which device will serve as the primary device in the HA cluster. Thank you. My config : Device Priority Host NameVirtual Cluster 1Virtual Cluster 2FGT_ha_1200...
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