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Hi Everyone,I've set up SAML for our SSL VPN, and it's working well. However, I need to restrict access to only domain-connected laptops. Is it possible to achieve this using SAML? If so, could someone guide me on how to configure it? Thanks!
Hi,I'm using a spoke and hub topology in Azure with HA A/P Fortigate. Some of our servers need to use public IPs to communicate with external servers. I checked the documentation but couldn't find the information I need. Is it possible to assign a VI...
Hi, I have deployed a Fortigate Active/Passive HA firewall in Azure, and it is functioning as expected. However, I am encountering an issue where I am unable to route VNet-to-VNet traffic through the Fortigate. I have configured the routing tables an...
Hello, I'm currently working on a proof of concept (POC) involving two FortiGate firewalls: one located on-premises and the other in AWS. My objective is to access a test VM behind the AWS FortiGate, which is situated in the same private subnet and V...
Hi,I've deployed a Fortinet Nextgen Firewall in AWS. Initially, the WAN interface IP is set to a local IP within the public subnet. However, when I attempt to change it to the actual public IP, I lose connection to the firewall entirely. As a result,...
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