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Dear sir, Is it possible to out all the lan traffic through wan WITHOUT NAT for internet through cisco router connected to wan of the Fortigate firewall.NAT in cisco router for internet , and all the traffic coming in for Fortigate lan from cisco rou...
Dear sir, If I connect the interface 2 (port 2) to a switch with POE and inside switch if i connect an wireless access point everything works fine and i can ping the ip of access point also i can do web manage the access points with one access points...
Dear sir, Can i get explained and if possible for profile policy with NAT DISABLED.Actually i want to allow traffic through WAN interface without translating the source address.That is allow traffic through from LAN to WAN and keep the source address...
Dear Sir, Is there is any option like identity nat in cisco. that is for a particular destination source ip should be nat to itself and destination ip too. so that if traffic going for internet it will be nat. but if traffic for particualer destinati...
Dear sir, our LAN = /24WAN = is connected to another cisco router vlan1 = LAN user are getting internet through WAN of fortinet 60D.Cisco router are configure with GRE tunnel.from router we can reach other sid...