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Hi, I have created some groups in "User Groups" and used "remote groups" in active directory to map a group to them.Now, when I create VPN (L2TP or PPTP) I can not login with a active directory user, but it works with local users. (I don't use FSSO) ...
hi, seems a silly question, but why can't I see EIGRP in "Network" menu of FG200E? The only options are "RIP", "OSPF" and "BGP".Thanks
hi,I have a FG200E. I am using explicit proxy for users' internet. Can I have time and bandwidth limitation for users? The only option I saw was quota in "web filtering", but I need both "Time" and "Traffic" quota simultaneously.For example, users ca...
hi guys,I read this in FortiOS handbook:In reverse proxy mode, the FortiGate unit functions more like a web server for clients on the Internet. Replicated content is delivered from the proxy cache to the external client without exposing the web serve...
Hi, I want to know exactly what will happen if my license expired? I think AV, AS, IPS, ect. won't update anymore but still working. Am I right?HA and Policies will not be affected. Am I right? thank you