A FortiWeb can be configured to join a Security Fabric through the root or downstream FortiGate.
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This article describes and demonstrates how the CLI command 'diag policy wr-state list <policy_name>" can be used to check how many users are in the Waiting Room.


The Waiting Room is a feature to manage visitor traffic and avoid server overload causing delays and slowness. It is a virtual holding space and queuing realm, allowing new users to enter a Waiting Room where an estimated wait time displays on the landing page before accessing web application.


FortiWeb v7.4.


Waiting Room Landing Page:


Below is an example of the Waiting Room landing page display message shown while users wait and are queued to access the web application.




Verify with a debug command:


The 'total_waiting_number' count value can be used to determine how many users currently are in the Waiting Room queue.