This article describes steps to configure VRRP6 configuration on the standalone Fortiswitches.


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Page#25 VRRP configuration on IPV4 VLAN interface.

FortiSwitchOS Feature Matrix.


To configure VRRP6 on the VLAN interface with IPV6 configured, it is mandatory to enable vrrp-virtual-mac6 and set vrip6_link_local as shown on the below example.


# config system interface
    edit "<VLAN Name>"

            # config ipv6
                set ip6-address x:x:x::x/64
                set ip6-send-adv enable
                set vrrp-virtual-mac6 enable
                set vrip6_link_local xxxx::x:x:x
                    config vrrp6
                        edit 1
                            set priority <priority integer <-----1 to 254 range.
                           set vrip6 x:x:x::x

To verify the VRRP6 configuration, please execute the below command on the FortiSwitch CLI.


FSW# get route info6 vrrp
Interface: vlanxx, primary IPv6 address: xx:xx:xx::x
link-local IPv6 address: xxx::x:x:x:x
Virtual link-local IPv6 address: xx::x:x:x
  UseVMAC: 1
  VRID: 1 version: 3
    vrip: x:x:x::x, priority: 100, state: MASTER
    adv_interval: 5, preempt: 1, start_time: 3
    master_adv_interval: 500, accept: 1
    vrmac: x:x:x:x:x
    vrgrp: xx