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According to FortiSwitch product documentation, the FortiSwitch-1024D does not have a reset button. Therefore, a factory reset through a button is not possible.


This article describes the process to gain access to this device if lost.


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- Console cable.

- Ethernet cable.

- Laptop with permission to install the software (In this example: Windows).

- FortiSwitch 1024-D firmware (.out file).




Network topologyNetwork topology


1) Getting firmware:

To download the firmware, visit this link Firmware images. Once downloaded, the corresponding firmware, move to another folder.


In this example, we will move it to 'firmw' directory:


Firmware image .out on directory firmwFirmware image .out on directory firmw


2) Setting up the TFTP server:

Setting up the Ethernet interface:





IPv4 Settings on Ethernet interfaceIPv4 Settings on Ethernet interface


Setting up the TFTP Server (tftpd64):

Click on the button Settings and configure the Base Directory. Point it to where the firmware is:


TFTP browser directory set to "firmw"TFTP browser directory set to "firmw"



If tftpd64 prompts an error regarding DHCP settings, set them as follows:


Use in case of "Field DHCP Mask cannot be empty" errorUse in case of "Field DHCP Mask cannot be empty" error


3) Connecting through the console:

Connect the console cable to the FortiSwitch (Speed/Baud rate: 115200). If the Fortiswitch is turned on and asking for credentials, hard reboot the FortiSwitch by disconnecting the cable and reconnecting it again.


Interrupt the boot sequence of the FortiSwitch by pressing any key and once logged into the bootROM, configure the TFTP parameters.


4) Getting Firmware from TFTP Server:

Select option G for '[G]: Get firmware image from TFTP server'. and enter the parameters as follows:


TFTP parameters on FortiSwitch 1024DTFTP parameters on FortiSwitch 1024D


If configured correctly, the following output should be seen and the FortiSwitch being reset to its default settings.




You must log in again using the default credentials: admin and no password. Change the default password to a strong password.


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