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Article Id 312151
Description This article describes how to fix proxy connectivity issues in case a special character presents in the proxy.
Scope FortiSOAR.

Even after allowing the target URL in the proxy and configuring the proxy correctly in FortiSOAR does not pass the traffic.

Due to connectivity issues with licensing and repo URLs, the FortiSOR will not work as expected, and login and other functionality will stop working.


To test the connectivity use the below command and verify it connects with the correct proxy server and uses the right username/password.


# curl -vk


This will help identify the connectivity and proxy details to which the system is trying to connect.

Sometimes when the proxy does have special characters, replace those with their encoded values while configuring.


For Example:

If the proxy username is 'test.admin' it should be replaced with 'test%2Eadmin'. Similarly, the # (hash) needs to be replaced with %23.


Based on the encoded value configure the proxy and test the connectivity using the curl command (shared above).