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Article Id 300777
Description This article describes how to fix the 401 HMAC authentication error when using the Splunk Add-on to create records in FortiSOAR.
Scope FortiSOAR.

When attempting to create an alert in FortiSOAR using the Splunk Add-On, it consistently shows a 401 HMAC Authentication Error even after regenerating a new Public/Private Key Pair.


Many times, the time between FortiSOAR and Splunk does not remain constant, which could be due to an NTP sync issue


Error Logs: 


xxxx-xx-xx 07:18:14,374 INFO pid=258830 tid=MainThread | timestamp:xxxx-xx-xx 03:18:13
2023-12-15 07:18:14,508 INFO pid=258830 tid=MainThread | End post url
2023-12-15 07:18:14,508 INFO pid=258830 tid=MainThread | Start check request
2023-12-15 07:18:14,508 ERROR pid=258830 tid=MainThread | Status Code: 401
2023-12-15 07:18:14,509 ERROR pid=258830 tid=MainThread | Returned Data: {"message":"An authentication exception occurred."}


Verify the Date and time on both environments (Splunk and FortiSOAR) and match the time manually or sync them with the NTP server.



timedatactl set-ntp true