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Article Id 289171
Description This article describes that an upgrade from an older version of FortiSOAR to a newer one may cause failures with an error message indicating: 'db5 error(-30969) from dbenv->open: BDB0091 DB_VERSION_MISMATCH: Database environment version mismatch'.
Scope FortiSOAR v7.x.

Step 1: Clean the cache of installed packages in the system, thereby freeing up disk space by removing cached copies of packages:


# yum clean packages


Try running another time the installer scripts again after the cache removal process using Step 1. If the issue persists, then follow the steps below.


Step 2: Navigate to the default location where the RPM database is stored in the FortiSOAR system.


# cd /var/lib/rpm/


Step 3: Typically, RPM uses the Berkeley DB environment to store the underlying data. The naming conventions are __db.001, __db.002, etc., where the numbers represent versions or snapshots of the databases. Now, let's move all the versions or snapshots using the 'mv' command. It is important to move the files to the /tmp directory is recommended because it provides a recovery option for accidental deletions, offers temporary storage for short-lived files needed by processes, and contributes to system cleanup by automatically clearing its contents during reboots:


# mv __db.00* /tmp


Step 4: Over time, the database can become corrupted or fall out of sync due to various reasons, and the '--rebuilddb' option helps to rebuild and repair it. When running this command, it recreates the RPM database based on the currently installed packages on the system:


# rpm --rebuilddb


Now, rerun the installer scripts and proceed with the upgrade process.

However, it is strongly advised to take a snapshot of the VM before starting the migration or making any changes.