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Article Id 218491
Description This article describes how to refresh/clear the wad user/group cache on FortiProxy version 7.0.x.
Scope FortiProxy 7.0.x.

As wad maintains its own cache for user & group information.


In firmware version 7.0.x, the old command to refresh/clear wad user/group cache doesn't exist.


Clear the existing user cache using the below CLI commands:


# diagnose wad user clear <ID> <IP> <VDOM>


- Once the user is deauthenticated, run the below commands to refresh/clear the wad cache.

# diag test app wad 2500
# diag test app wad

160: clear cached user info mapping table
161: trigger user cache refreshing
162: trigger group cache refreshing


- After the cache is cleared and the user is authenticated, the updated user info with the correct group will be reflected.

Also, chose to disable the cache globally for LDAP users as a workaround using the below configuration.


# config web-proxy global

set ldap-user-cache disable