FortiNAC-F is a zero-trust network access solution that provides users with enhanced visibility into the Internet of Things (IoT) devices on their enterprise networks. For legacy FortiNAC articles prior to FortiNAC-F 7.2, see FortiNAC.
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This article describes how to fix an issue where the GUI offers an option to download the image, but the image is not listed during the installation attempt.

Scope FortiNAC-OS 7.2.0 (0035-GA).

The GUI provides an option to download the update image, but it is not listed during the install process:




Upon checking the path where the file is saved through the CLI (/bsc/campusMgrUpdates), only the .bin file (used by CentOS deployments) is present:




NACOS requires the .out files.


The following workarounds are available:


Method 1: The 'long path'.


  1. Download the .out file for the hypervisor (and perform checksum validation).
  2. Rename it to .bin and upload it from the GUI through a local FTP/HTTP server, or copy it directly from within the CLI.
  3. Rename it back to .out and try the installation from the GUI. The file should be listed. Alternatively, run it from the CLI: 
sudo /bin/cmdb/upgrade FNAC_ESX-v7-build0051-FORTINET.out
For HA setups run this command from the primary node:
sudo /bin/nac/upgrade FNAC_ESX-v7-build0051-FORTINET.out
Method 2: The 'short path' (using NACOS).
  1. Download the .out file for the hypervisor (and perform checksum validation).
  2. Create a local TFTP/FTP server.
  3. Run the following command without entering the shell:
execute restore image tftp FNAC_ESX-v7-build0051-FORTINET.out
Method 3: Single command (using NACOS and public FTP).

execute restore image ftp Version_F7_2/FNAC_ESX-v7-build0051-FORTINET.out updates cmu26153
Any of these methods will facilitate a successful upgrade.