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This describes what SNMP heartbeat (HB) Alerts are and where it would be visible on the network instance.

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What are SNMP Heartbeat Alerts?

- SNMP Heartbeat Alerts are specific to instances and these alerts will only be generated for a specific instance when ALL the SNMP metrics stop reporting. 


Facts about SNMP Heartbeat Alert.


- These alerts would be visible on the top of the instance page.


- By default, the threshold for these alerts is set to 10 minutes.

This means, that if for 10 minutes we do not receive data for ALL the SNMP metrics for the specific instance, an SNMP Heartbeat Alert for that instance will be generated.


- The default 10 minutes threshold can be changed or updated depending on the requirement.


To do so, follow the below steps:


 - Go to the instance, select the pencil button of the 'Alert Timeline' -> SNMP Heartbeat Alert Timeline. 



- If there is an Onsight Heartbeat Alert, that will disable the SNMP Heartbeat Alert for the instance.