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This article describes the scenario of license duplication in FortiManager/FortiAnalyzer-VM.


FortiManager, FortiAnalyzer.

  1. The FortiManager/FortiAnalyzer-VM license can be reused in a separate VM instance. Generally, the license is reused for VM migration purposes. To know how to reuse the FortiManager/FortiAnalyzer license, refer to the below KB article: Technical Tip: How to reuse FortiManager/FortiAnalyzer VM license
  2. Once a license file has been uploaded into a FortiManager/FortiAnalyzer-VM instance, FortiManager/FortiAnalyzer will send its license file serial number and VM instance UUID to the public FortiGuard server.
  3. If FortiGuard receives another request from a different VM instance UUID with the same license file serial number, a license duplication error will be acknowledged by FortiGuard, triggering a license duplication notification on the FortiManager/FortiAnalyzer-VM.
  4. Once the license duplication notification appears in the FortiManager/FortiAnalyzer-VM, a grace period of 24 hours will be granted to rectify the license duplication error.



  1. The following CLI output will show the VM license details:


diag debug vminfo

VM license is valid.                <----- The VM license will be shown as valid within the grace period.

fds_code: 401                       <----- The code '401' indicates a duplicate license.

Type: Full

Licensed GB/Day: 1

Max devices: 10000

Management IP:

Serial Number: FAZ-VM12345678

VM UUID: 798228f1-161f-4c34-8098-c3febc5dfb7b


diag debug vminfo

VM license is invalid because license is duplicated.  <----- The VM license will be shown as invalid once the grace period expired.

fds_code: 401


  1. To avoid license duplication, ensure only one VM instance is running and power down/decommission all other running VM instances that are also using the same license file Serial Number.