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Article Id 277319
Description This article describes how to get the original email received by FortiMail without has being scanned or processed by other profiles such as AntiSpam, AntiVirus, Content etc. 
Scope FortiMail.

In some instances, emails received by users may not display as expected, such as showing garbled messages.
To address this issue, it is possible to verify the problem by archiving incoming emails. During the archiving process, emails sent to the FortiMail Archive folder bypass FortiMail scans, allowing to access the original, unaltered email content as received by FortiMail from other mail transfer agents (MTAs).


Below are the steps to archive the email.


  1. Create an Archive Account: go under Email Archiving -> Archive Account -> Archive Account.




  1. Create an Archive Policy to only archive the specific email needed:  go under Email Archiving -> Policy -> Archive Policy.




  1. View the archive email: go to Monitor -> Archive -> Inbox. The archived email is visible, view the email header and download the email.