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This article describes the configuration that allows specific email accounts to send low priority or mass email in a convenient time of the day to save FortiMail resources.

1. From the web management interface go to System > Mail Settings  > Mail Server Settings, expand the section Deferred Message Delivery, and chose the desired time window.
Save the changes.

2. Go to Profile > Content > Content, create a new content profile, and enable the option Defer delivery of message on policy match.
Save the changes.

3. Finally create a new recipient policy and enable the content profile, Go to Policy > Recipient Policy > Outbound then Create New.
In the Sender pattern select the user account, LDAP, or email address group. In the section Profile, select the content profile just created.

4. To test the configuration try to send an email from an email account involved. To see the result go to Monitor > Log > History >  Search button.
Search the email account, the classifier and disposition fields will result in that message being deferred for delivery

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