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Article Id 271987
Description This article describes troubleshooting steps to resolve cases where authentication codes are not received through SMS while using a FortiGuard SMS service.
Scope FortiGate.
  1. Check the FortiGuard server status and ensure the device has an SMS service license.

  2. Take the alertmail application debug to see if the FortiGate is triggering the SMS.

diag debug reset

diag debug application alertmail -1

diag debug enable     


Afterward, trigger the authentication code to be sent via SMS from the GUI.

  1. Check the server status and available SMS quota.

execute fortiguard-message info

output example: 

Controller server status: registered
Expiry date: 20240712
SMS max allowed: 170
SMS used: 32
Last update: Tue Aug 15 14:10:24 2023

Current message server: x.x.x.x:443
Message server status: unknown


  1. Take note of the 'current message server' IP address from the above output. After, run the following command with the IP address:

diag sniffer packet any "host <paste message server IP address>" 6 0 a

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