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Article Id 230947

This article describes that during troubleshooting CPU-related issues, it would be beneficial to know that each daemon is running on which CPU core.


FortiOS 7.0, 7.2.


Use the below command to check which CPU core is used by each daemon.

The last column shows the CPU core index


FGT# di sys top


 Run Time:  31 days, 18 hours and 12 minutes

0U, 0N, 0S, 100I, 0WA, 0HI, 0SI, 0ST; 2007T, 663F

         cmdbsvr      145      S       4.0     2.7    0

            node    28235      S       3.3     2.5    1

         updated      194      R       2.1     1.7    4

         reportd      190      S       6.0     1.5    3

          cw_acd      211      S       6.3     1.4    2

       forticron      180      S       2.7     1.3    3

         miglogd      189      R       1.1     1.3    1

           autod      215      S       5.8     1.2    4


From the above output, it is possible to conclude that the daemon updated process ID is 194 and it is running on CPU core 4.



If the process is in the S state (sleeping state), '# di sys top' will be displaying the last used CPU because the process is sleeping.