FortiGate Next Generation Firewall utilizes purpose-built security processors and threat intelligence security services from FortiGuard labs to deliver top-rated protection and high performance, including encrypted traffic.
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This article explains why the license information is not showing on the GUI despite having a valid license and how to troubleshoot it.








Here is the sample error message while performing 'execute update-now':


upd_install_pkg[1435]-APDB051 is up-to-date
upd_install_pkg[1435]-FMWP001 is up-to-date
upd_install_pkg[1435]-ISDB001 is up-to-date
upd_install_pkg[1435]-IOTD001 is up-to-date
upd_install_pkg[1435]-OTDB001 is up-to-date
upd_install_pkg[1435]-OTDB002 is up-to-date
upd_install_pkg[1435]-CIDB001 is up-to-date
upd_install_pkg[1435]-IPGO000 is up-to-date
upd_install_pkg[1435]-FFDB020 is up-to-date
upd_install_pkg[1435]-UWDB001 is up-to-date
upd_install_pkg[1441]-DLDB000 is unauthorized
upd_install_pkg[1435]-CRDB000 is up-to-date
upd_install_pkg[1435]-MMDB001 is up-to-date
upd_install_pkg[1435]-DBDB001 is up-to-date
upd_install_pkg[1435]-SFAS000 is up-to-date


Here, the user has a valid license for the DLDP service (for instance ) but on the CLI it is unable to fetch the license information from the FortiGuard server. To resolve the issue, try to make the following changes under the FortiGuard settings


config system fortiguard

    set fortiguard-anycast disable

    set protocol udp
    set port 8888



Once the above changes are made, run the below commands:


di de reset

di de enble

di de  app update -1

execute update-now


After running the above commands, the license information is visible in the CLI. On GUI, 'DLDB000 is unauthorized' error should not be visible in the CLI anymore.