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Article Id 286069
Description This article provides a solution when FortiClient becomes unresponsive during the connection phase. Additionally, the disconnect button also becomes non-functional, forcing the user to shut down FortiClient entirely.
Scope FortiClient, FortiOS, macOS Sonoma.
  1. First of all, verify if the FortiGate interface is being hit by the traffic being generated from FortiClient on macOS Sonoma:


SSL VPN debugging:

  • Run SSL VPN debugging on FortiGate CLI as shown below:


diagnose debug application sslvpn -1

diagnose debug application fnbamd -1

diagnose debug enable


  •  Now try connecting from FortiClient.


  1.  If there is no traffic being generated on FortiGate CLI, then uninstall FortiClient completely using the article: Technical Tip: How to uninstall FortiClient on macOS
  2. Download an older version of FortiClient in the v6.0 range using the following article: Technical Tip: How to download different or old versions of FortiClient and FortiClientEMS from the ...
  3. The problem appears to arise from a compatibility issue between the FortiClient version and macOS Sonoma.