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This article describes an issue that may be encountered when configuring a Virtual Wire Pair on a Fortigate firewall whereby tagged VLAN traffic (dot1Q) is not allowed to pass.

Scope All FortiGates.

If tagged VLAN traffic is to pass through a virtual wire pair it is necessary to enable an option for this to occur, otherwise this traffic is dropped (and cannot be seen in a sniffer).


The required option is as follows:


# config system virtual-wire-pair

    edit <name_of_virtual_wire_pair>

      set wildcard-vlan enable


This can be further filtered to permit only the VLANs that should pass through the wire pair:


E.g. to only permit VLANs 100 & 200:


set vlan-filter <100,200>


Or, to allow ALL VLANs, set the range to the full permissible range of VLANs (0 to 4094) as follows:


set vlan-filter <0-4094>


Virtual Wire Pairs: