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This article describes that in FortiOS version 5.2 Traffic Shaping was configured over firewall policy.

By default if traffic shaping wanted to be applied, It was just a matter of create a shaper and point it out on policy.



Now on 5.4 - 5.6 FortiOS versions there is no such option, It has to be configured using CLI every time it is needed to be configured inside the policy.


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All FortiGate Version 5.4 / 5.6.



1) Go to Policy&Objects -> IPv4 Policy, select policy which Traffic Shaping will be configured and select 'Edit in CLI'.

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2) Configure the following commands inside the policy: 


set traffic-shaper <shaper name>

set reverse-traffic-shaper <shaper name>



3) Once configured, Traffic shaping configuration will be visible in policy by from GUI.


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This steps has to be done on every policy to apply Traffic Shaping by policy.